Mt Carmel and Holy Souls

A lovely little rosary made with Pietersite Aves and Red Tiger Eye Paters. Solid bronze medals lend an antique feel. $39.  The Holy Souls rosary is made using Picture Jasper and FancyJasper, with a Howlite skull. $59.
Shipping is $6.

The rosary is The weapon...


Saying the daily Rosary can sometimes become just a habit. Here's an exorcist on the power behind the words...

The demons on Mary

When Saint Dominic was preaching the Rosary near Carcassone, an Albigensian was brought to him who was possessed by the devil. Saint Dominic exorcised him in the presence of a great crowd of people; it appears that over twelve thousand had ...come to hear him preach.

During the exorcism, the demon was forced to speak the following about devotion to the Mother of God: “Listen well, you Christians: the Mother of Jesus Christ is all-powerful, and She can save Her servants from falling into hell. She is the Sun which destroys the darkness of our wiles. It is She who uncovers our hidden plots, breaks our snares, and makes our temptations useless and ineffectual.

“We have to say, however reluctantly, that not a single soul who has really persevered in Her service has ever been damned with us; one single sigh that She offers to the Blessed Trinity is worth far more than all the prayers, desires, and aspirations of all the saints.
“We fear Her more than all the other saints in Heaven together, and we have no success with Her faithful servants. Many Christians who call upon Her when they are in the hour of death, and who really ought to be damned according to our ordinary standards, are saved by Her intercession.

“Oh, if only that Mary (it is thus in their fury that they called Her) had not pitted Her strength against ours and had not upset our plans, we should have conquered the Church and should have destroyed it long before this, and we would have seen to it that all of the Orders in the Church fell into error and disorder.

“Now that we are forced to speak, we must also tell you this: nobody who perseveres in saying the Rosary will be damned, because She obtains for Her servants the grace of true contrition for their sins, and by means of this they obtain God's forgiveness and mercy.”

Coming soon...

In honor or of St Brigid of Ireland, I will be adding a moss agate rosary to my listings.

God Bless!

St. Jerome is best known for his extraordinary education which enabled him to translate the old testament books of The Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek, into Latin. A wonderful story is also told of him befriending a lion. Fisheaters has a well written retelling of it here. Another thing that he is known for though, is that he would always keep death before his eyes with the help of the skull that he kept on his desk. Remembering the faithful departed as well as his last end by the presence of that skull helped him to carry his cross and fulfill his duties cheerfully and well.

This rosary is wire wrapped and will last for generations. The skull is made of Howlite and the aves are 8mm picture Jasper. The paters are Tiger Eye gemstone, for the sadness that the saint beheld in the big cat’s eyes. Solid bronze medals complete this virtually unbreakable rosary with a vintage touch.